NEW! Outreach Collection

What is the Outreach Collection at JPL?
The Joliet Public Library offers thousands of quality reading materials suitable for pre-Kindergarten through High School youth, and is intended to be a zero risk way to provide materials to children to use at your non-profit organization, or for children to take home to read at their leisure.
How Does It Work?
At your request, we will fill a book tub with a curated collection of fun reads for your students’ age group, to be picked up at either library location, dropped off during an outreach staff member visit, or delivered to your school (District 86 only).
How Does My Organization Sign Up?
After the Business Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Local Administrator or Property Manager of your organization signs an agreement form and has a library card on file, email your request to the library at or fill out our online request form. You can find the request form here:
The Details
  • Each book tub contains a maximum of 50 items. Tubs with books for younger readers (ie. Board Books, Easy Readers, Easy Fiction, Easy Nonfiction) will hold more items than tubs with books for junior high and high school readers (ie. Juvenile Fiction, Juvenile Graphic Novels, Young Adult Fiction, Juvenile Nonfiction).
  • There is no limit on the amount of tubs an organization may check out at any given time.
  • Each tub circulates for 9 weeks/63 days, and may be renewed.
  • Outreach items do not accrue fines. We request that all books in a given tub be returned together to Joliet Public Library on time (or retrieved by library staff, upon request). Books that are not returned with their tub will not be billed to the institution or to the family.
  • Outreach books are encouraged to leave your site to go home with children. We do ask that educators track which child has selected which book(s) when the child has taken the material(s) home. We suggest that children who have not returned books to your organization be limited from taking additional books home until their books are returned.
  • If you prefer a customized tub with specific topics or specific titles, we are happy to provide you with those through our existing Curriculum Kit service.
Visit or call 815-740-2660 for more information.




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