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These are programs we have offered in past weeks that you can still check out! 


All About Food Lapsit with Miss Angela

Snowman Lapsit with Miss Anna

Lapsit with Miss Anna

Lapsit with Miss Jenna

Lapsit with Miss Angela

Lapsit with Miss Anna


(0-24 months) Sing and dance along with these special rhymes and games designed to build vocabulary and connection between you and your baby.


Flowers Storytime with Miss Anna

Button Storytime with Miss Coral

Bunny Storytime with Miss Jill

Lion Storytime with Miss Jenna

Bedtime Storytime with Miss Jenny

Frog Storytime with Miss Angela

Señora Heather's Bilingual Storyime - Stars


(2-5 years) Join us for stories and songs with your favorite storytime leaders!

Boredom Busters

Bringing the Zoo to You

While Brookfield Zoo was closed, they offered daily virtual animal talks. These talks are now all archived for your enjoyment--and check out the supplementary materials and activities as well!

Boredom Busters

Virtual Safari

Make a virtual visit to South America and see all the animals that live on the savannah. Recommended for 3 years old and up.

Boredom Busters

Try some of these book based crafts for all ages--then come to the library and check them out!

Boredom Busters

Boredom Buster: Raising Monarchs

Mr. Lund will show you the basics of raising Monarch butterflies and helping increase the population in Illinois. This is part 1 a 5 part series. 

Boredom Busters


Boredom Busters: “You Matter


Boredom Busters: 10 Easy Preschool Activities

This list of 10 Preschool Activities will help you plan fun, simple, entertaining, and inexpensive ways to keep your children learning, playing, exploring, and imagining.


Boredom Busters: “You Matter”

Check out this video of the book You Matter being read by author Christian Robinson.  For more great links and activities,  explore the Joliet Public Library storytimes on youtube.  Themed links are included in every description!

Boredom Busters Making Space with Christian Robinson gives practical tips and activities to help kids process big feelings through literature and art. Each video tackles a topic like “Anger.”  
Boredom Busters I Spy


Virtual Code-breaking Adventure (Grades 2-8) Go on a virtual adventure around the world with Artie Fax as he searches for the key to Egyptian treasure.  If you crack the code, you could win a $25 Amazon gift card!


Irish Legends of the Wee Folk

Terry Lynch shares folktales from the Emerald Isle that bring to life traditions of fairies, banshees, and leprechauns. A brief telling of the life of St. Patrick will also be included.

Irish Joliet

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a tour of Irish Joliet with guide Mary Beth Gannon, Joliet historian.

Ridgewood Neighborhood Tour

Join us on a virtual tour of Joliet's Ridgewood Neighborhood, guided by historian Mary Beth Gannon.

Cherry Hill Neighborhood Tour

The Family History Guild invites you to enjoy a virtual tour of Joliet's Cherry Hill Neighborhood with tour guide Mary Beth Gannon.

Christmas in Joliet

Come along with the Genealogy Club as Historian Mary Beth Gannon takes on a journey of Christmas memories in historic Joliet.

Legends and Folklore of Winter

Winter may seem like a quiet time, but it is actually filled with bizarre tales and stories of superstitions, winter spirits, Krampus the anti-Santa Claus, stories of werewolves, witches, people being buried alive and numerous other Holiday traditions for the darkest days of the year. This is a pre-recorded presentation.

St. Joseph's Neighborhood Tour

Join the Genealogy Club on a tour of the St. Joseph's Neighborhood in Joliet. Historian Mary Beth Gannon will be our guide on this virtual adventure.

Mid Century Modern Architecture in Joliet

Join the Genealogy Club on a tour of Mid Century Modern architecture in Joliet. Historian Mary Beth Gannon will be our guide on this virtual adventure.

Protect Against COVID-19 Investment Scams

Don't get caught in a COVID-19 investment scam! Terry Paggi, Investor Assistance Specialist from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, provides tips to keep you safe from different Covid-19 related scams.

Tudor Time: Local History Presentation 

Join the Genealogy Club, as we take a tour of Tudor Architecture in Joliet. Historian Mary Beth Gannon will be our tour guide on this virtual adventure.

Storytime for Adults

Why should kids get to have all the fun? Whether you're a kid at heart or just always up for a good story, take a break from the summer heat and get cozy with us from the comfort of your own home for an hour of Storytime via Zoom. We'll be reading from some of your favorite authors, as well as some updated versions of your favorite childhood stories. Unfortunately the library will not be sanctioning nap time afterwards, but by all means feel free to do so on your own time!





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