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The Joliet Public Library has teamed up with host Tom Maslowski of What’s Goin' Down in Downtown J-Town for a special podcast series. Produced and recorded in the Library’s Digital Media Studio (DMS) we will explore library services, staff stories and the impact of the library in our great community.

Join us in discovering more about the Joliet Public Library and the City of Joliet.

Listen to the Podcast episodes below, or check out the What's Goin' Down in Downtown J-Town page

Available on iTunes and Podbean.

NEW! 1/22/20: Episode 3 Trailer: Art Movement

NEW! 1/22/20: Episode 3: Art Movement


11/12/19: Episode 2 Trailer: Project Burnham


 11/12/19: Episode 2:  Project Burnham


Episode 1 Trailer: There's Something Brewing at the Joliet Public Library 

Episode 1In the first episode, Deputy Director Catherine Adamowski and Executive Director Megan Millen fill us in on what we can expect in the near future of the Joliet Public Library. 

Series Trailer





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